Samstag, 20. April 2013

Hen nights on a graveyard

Long time no see, because I was abroad for 8 days and then really really busy with comissions (WGT is coming nearer and nearer and also the wedding season started). As I meantioned before we were travelling to Edinburgh.
view from the plane
 Edinburgh is perfect for a goth vacation, old houses, spooky pubs and graveyards everywhere.
 I have to say, it is such a beautiful city with beautiful old buildings, cosy pubs and ideal to take a rest and forget about the rest of the world!

We also made a ghost walk (with a really maniac leader) and met some girls having a hen night on the cemetary (it was already dark). So crazy, I'm sure something like this would never happen here.

 One day we even climbed on a mountain (ok here you would say) hill besides the town.
athurs sit

beeing really evil in an edinburgh goth pub

our room
 After our trip to Glasgow I met Rachael, a really kind person I got to knew on WGT '11. She is fashion designer as well. You have to look at her page, what she does is fantastic  its beyond words! Its not just fashion design but more really imaginative costume design and art. We spend a nice evening at edinburghs cosy pubs, one even with traditional live music, felt like in fairyland!
Rachael and me
 Our trip to Glasgow combined the beautiful and the ugly. It has loads of shabby, most empty buildings, but also really lovely shopping centers and theres also a big cemetary the glasgow necropolis.
the smallest tube of the world?

a cupcake ATM

luxurious shopping centre
This was just Edinburgh and Glasgow, the next days we were going countryside and visited lots of castle and abandoned manors. I'll pack this into another post as I also have already some eye candy for the next post coming: I recently got pictures from my collaboration with the pink corset!

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