Dienstag, 19. März 2013

New black romantic stuff

Just made lots of classic black stuff, shirts bustles and other accessories.
Two shirts with lace and polka dot tulle perfectly to match long skirts or to be worn under a corset.
I like that you can wear them in differnt ways: just casual with jeans or with evening wardrobe
Several kinds of bustles you can wear over a skirt or even as a minicape if you like. The first cap ist with hanging down lace parts. Its made to go with a red dupioni corset. This outfit was created for a special collaboration (soon I'll write more about it)

complete outfit and bustle as cape


Top with dot tulle

tup with lace - my favorite!

bustle 2

bustle 3
These are just a view wichly made snapshots. Hope I can show you more and better pictures soon. They will be for sale in my shop in the next days.

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