Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Shootings with a new corset design

End of 2012 I made some new designs which I did not show here yet.
First one is a high backed underbust corset, in a really uncommon colour (it looks grey, but it is a mixture from blue chain and brown shot).
I richly decorated it with different kinds of lace, tulle, butterflies and bead chains. The garters are adjustable with a special lacing machanism, so that everyone can fit in easily.

This one is a prototype, its out for order here. I'm planning to craft it with different manufacturing technologies, as different kinds of lace, pearls and rhinestones. So looking foward to it!

I got the beautiful and well known models Lizzy Meow and La Esmeralda for modelling it. The pictures were made by Heiner Seeman (who by the way did lots of fantastic shoots with La Esmeralda) and Robert Pichler from Austria. I am so happy and thankfully to have them modelling for this shoot!

Picture by Heiner Seeman, Moedel&Styling: La Esmeralda

Picture by Robert Pichler, Model: Lizzy Meow, Styling: Silvia Tkacsik

back view


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