Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Pinterest addiction

This site is just incredible and hooked me totally :-)
I'm a very visual person, so this is perfect for me.
Today I got my invitation (you need to register and wait for an invitation) and startet with a few boards. And constantly get ideas for more boards...

Here you can see my profile and two of my boards

Its only a pity that you can't pin pictures from flash sites or FB (or am I just to thick for it?) Most of the fashion sites I love which have lots of designs I'd like to pin are flash sites. Otherwise I would have pinned lots of stuff from the last Alexander McQueen autumn winter collection.


  1. Sieht interessant und praktisch aus :) Bei Gelegenheit werde ich mir das mal anschauen.

  2. Das kenne ich ja noch nicht - versuche mich gleich mal anzumelden und mir das näher anzusehen...Danke für den Tip

  3. Macht wirklich sehr viel Spaß! Schon fast zuviel Spaß, man kann Stunden damit verbringen.