Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

A dream came true - my ready to wear corset collection 2012

Today the corsets arrived!!!

 End of the year 2011 I planned a ready to wear corset collection. My aim was, to create a collection with really goodfitting and comfortable corsets that are able to give a certain waist reduction and make a that nice hourglass shape we all do love so much. As well it should include a range of mens corsets.

I started with three designs: An underbust in black taffeta, An overbust corset in black brocade and a mens underbust corset in chess pattern with pvc trim.

The most difficult thing was to find a reliable supplier who is able to produce a good quality. Sources like this are well kept business secrets ;-)

I am so happy to offer you an affordable range of corsets with unique patterns and a comfortable fit. Most of the standart size corsets don't achieve the waist reduction which is neccessary to create that hourglass look. And lots of overbust corsets are to short for tall girls and often they are made just for huge breasts. I wanted to chance that and created an overbust corset for the A and B Cup sized with a length which really covers yours breasts even when you rise your arms and you don't need to wear something under it. Of course the nature of the corset is to squeeze your breasts a little bit. So you can't expect that your breast will actually look larger. If you want that get a boob job our use silikone pads :-)

But enough talk, let's pictures speak:

 on a puppet


 underbust worn

 overbust worn 

I am really happy with the result. The next thing ist to create more designs. I think of an underbust corset which is cut longer in the hip part to give a good coverage in that delicate part. The other one is an overbust corset with straps. And to experiment with different upper materials. Such as lace overlays and sequins....

What to you think? Which corset types would you prefer for a ready to wear? And which upper materials? Do you like it simple or are you more on the opulent side? Which types are best to combine with Dresses, Skirts and Tops?


  1. Looks very lovely! :)

    I am excited to see your new designs soon :)

  2. Thank you, can not wait to go on with the more fancy stuff :-)